Table 2

 Accuracy of recall: patients’ accounts compared with hospital and GP records

Event (n = 22)Level of agreement*p value
*Kendall’s tau-b.
Data were categorised and ordered for the analysis; dates of events were categorised into month and this accounts for coefficients of 1 in some cases.
No of visits to GP in 2 years before current health problem0.820.05
No of symptoms before diagnosis(patient v GP and hospital record)0.660.08
Date of trigger for diagnosis0.670.07
Date of first visit to GP0.650.07
Action taken by GP at first visit0.97<0.0001
No of visits to GP before referral to hospital specialist0.540.17
Date of chest radiograph1.00<0.0001
Date of referral to hospital specialist0.97<0.0001
Date of clinic visits1.00<0.0001