Table 2

 Main Cox regression analyses on mortality for class III idiopathic PAH patients treated with bosentan or epoprostenol

Bosentan(n)Epoprostenol(n)No of eventsHazard ratio95% CLp value
CL, confidence limits; mPAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure; mRAP, mean right atrial pressure.
*In the entire database, patients started bosentan on or after September 1999 and epoprostenol on or after January 1995. For the same time period all patients started treatment on or after September 1999, and for different time periods patients started bosentan on or after September 1999 and started epoprostenol between January 1995 and September 1999.
†Using the parameters age, sex, and baseline cardiac index, mPAP, mRAP, pulmonary vascular resistance, and WHO functional class.
‡Using the stepwise model parameters given in the footnote above + walk test.
§Parameters of cardiac index, mPAP, and mRAP suggested by the literature.11
Entire database*
    No adjustment139346851.91.1, 3.50.025
    Model adjusted for haemodynamics§136314762.21.2, 4.00.014
    Stepwise model†
        mPAP136314762.31.3, 4.20.006
    Stepwise model‡
        mPAP, walk test136169462.71.4, 5.40.005
Patients treated during same time period*
    No adjustment13981262.51.1, 5.60.022
    Model adjusted for haemodynamics§13678252.30.9, 5.60.073
    Stepwise model†
        None13678252.41.1, 5.40.033
    Stepwise model‡
        Walk test13629182.10.7, 6.60.206
Patients treated during different time periods*
    No adjustment139217671.91.0, 3.50.035
    Model adjusted for haemodynamics§136196602.21.2, 4.30.016
    Stepwise model†
        mPAP, mRAP136196602.31.2, 4.30.012
    Stepwise model‡
        mPAP, mRAP136117392.71.3, 5.70.007