Table 1

 Characteristics of charts available for measuring peak expiratory flow (PEF)

ChartSourceNo of days of data per pageRange of PEF values (min–max, l/min)Scale*Angle of onset of exacerbation†
*Scale was calculated as the ratio of vertical height to horizontal width. The vertical height was standardised such that 100 mm represented a range of 0–800 l/min, then the horizontal width was calculated for a period of 31 days.
†Angle formed by the first 4 days of the sample exacerbation in degrees from the horizontal.
‡Axis unlabelled but 10 major divisions on vertical axis, so analysed as 0–1000 l/min for full range chart.
§This booklet contains sufficient 2 week charts for 1 year of monitoring.
¶This chart format is designed for computerised entry of multiple daily PEF values. A limited PEF range relevant to the individual patient is displayed, with 20 l/min = 10 mm and 1 day = 5 mm.
Global Initiative for AsthmaGuidelines website14460–800100:82510°
AllersearchPackaged with PEF meter2350–700100:38222°
AsthmaCarePharmaceutical company140–1000‡100:34524°
MicroPeakPackaged with PEF meter28100–800100:33424°
FDEPackaged with PEF meter140–700100:32425°
Breath AlertPackaged with PEF meter22100–700100:26829°
AssessPackaged with PEF meter1450–900100:25131°
Asthma Daily Record CardPharmaceutical company570–1000‡100:24632°
Personal bestPackaged with PEF meter2850–900100:23733°
Allen & HanburysPharmaceutical company4250–650100:23233°
MiniWrightPackaged with PEF meter420–700100:23033°
Peak flow meter charts (FP1010)UK NHS14§0–700100:22134°
Big Bright Blue Breathing BookPharmaceutical company310–650100:17441°
AirzonePackaged with PEF meter32100–700100:15744°
Your Personal Asthma Diary and Action PlanAsthma UK,16 reproduced on British guideline website1528100–700100:11952°
Prototype chartWoolcock Institute of Medical Research560–750100:8262°
Occupational asthma formatBright and Burge9N/A¶N/A¶100:3976°