Table 2

 Total and bioactive VEGF levels in epithelial lining fluid (ELF)

GroupMedian (IQR) total VEGF(ng/ml)Median (IQR) bioactive VEGF(ng/ml)Median difference(95% CI)
*p<0.001 v ELF levels of bioactive VEGF.
†p<0.05 v ELF levels of bioactive VEGF in at risk and normal subjects.
Bioactive VEGF levels were lower in ARDS patients with detectable sVEGFR-1 in BAL fluid but there was no difference in total VEGF levels.
Normal234.9* (160.6–359.2)6.52 (3.50–9.73)228.38 (158.6 to 349.6)
At risk439.1* (322.7–550.2)5.01 (2.69–8.55)434.1 (317.8 to 562.7)
ARDS163.7* (77.9–353.8)2.68† (0.82–5.90)161.02 (107.4 to 259.6)