Table 1

 Demographic characteristics of patients (according to GOCA stratification24)

ARDS(n = 41)At risk(n = 12)p value
PEEP, positive end expiratory pressure; APACHE, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; LIS, lung injury score; SAPS, Simplified Acute Physiology Score.
Gas exchange
    Mean (SD) P:F ratio (kPa)16.8 (8.2)39.9 (10.4)0.001
    Pao2/FIo2 >40 kPa09
    Pao2/FIo2 26.8–40 kPa1420.001
    Pao2/FIo2 13.46–26.8 kPa181
    Pao2/FIo2 <13.46 kPa90
    Spontaneous breathing, no PEEP00
    Assisted breathing, PEEP 0–5 cm H2O148NS
    Assisted breathing, PEEP 6–10 cm H2O182
    Assisted breathing, PEEP >10 cm H2O91
Organ failure (non-pulmonary)
    0 organ22
    1 organ226NS
    2 organs142
    3 organs30
    Indirect lung injury178NS
    Direct lung injury244
Other parameters
    Age62 (18–93)68 (29–78)NS
    APACHE II22.1 (9.3)21.23 (12.2)NS
    SAPS II42.6 (15.8)42.8 (14.3)NS
    LIS2.7 (0.6)1.15 (0.7)0.01