Table 1

 Demographic factors and markers of asthma severity by phase of menstrual cycle; classified by date of emergency department visit

Preovulatory(days 5 to 11)(n = 225)Periovulatory(days 12 to 18)(n = 176)Postovulatory(days 19 to 25)(n = 176)Perimenstrual(days 26 to 4)(n = 215)p value
ED, emergency department; PEF, peak expiratory flow.
*PEF reported as % predicted based on age, sex, and height.33
Mean age (years)333534330.17
African-American (%)757576760.99
History of intubation (%)151710140.30
History of oral corticosteroids (%)343234380.70
History of ED visit in the past year (%)687367680.06
Initial PEF (% pred)*524549470.11
Final PEF (% pred)*676261630.43
Hospitalised for index exacerbation (%)14131890.20