Table 3

 Prevalence of moderate/severe dysplasia and CIS, sensitivity and specificity of WLB and WLB+AFB in the literature

No of subjectsNo of biopsiesInclusion criteria No of patients (%)Prevalence of dysplasia II/III, CIS No of patients (%)Prevalence of dysplasia II/III No of biopsies (%)Prevalence of CIS No of biopsies (%)Sensitivity of dysplasia II-III/CIS (%)WLB/WLB+AFBSpecificity of dysplasia II-III/CIS (%)WLB/WLB+AFB
LC, known or suspected lung cancer; postop LC/head and neck cancer, follow up after surgery for lung cancer/head and neck cancer; S, smokers or former smokers; cyt, abnormal sputum cytology; PDT, photodynamic therapy; NR, percentage not reported.
*Pentax system “SAFE” 1000.
Acquisition of the literature was finalised on 18 February 2004.
Lam2294328LC 56NR14.68.848.4/72.594.0/94.0
S 44
Lam23223451LC 45 Postop LC 21; head and neck cancer 4NR17.37.8Moderate/severe dysplasia 38.5/73.1 CIS 40/91.4Moderate/severe dysplasia/CIS 91.1/86.7
S 30
Yokomise173051LC (NR)13.37.8NR65/9071/77
Postop LC (NR)(incl mild dysplasia)(dysplasia+cancer)(dysplasia+cancer)
Cyt (NR)
Lam12173700LC (NR)NR13.21.38.8/55.9NPV 0.84/0.89
Postop LC (NR)PPV 0.14/0.23
Cyt (NR)
Kurie1338245Postop LC/head and neck cancer (NR)000
S (NR)
Postop LC/head and neck cancer
Khanavkar19165162LC (NR)NR6.22131.8/86.475.4/31.4
Postop LC (NR)
Known dysplasia,Cyt (NR), S (NR)
Exposed to carcinogenic inhal (NR)
Vermylen2534142LC (NR)NR7.04.225/93NR
S (NR)
Horvath26*56146Uranium miners 100 (NR)NR3.400/100
S 50 (NR)
Never smokers 50 (NR)
Kakihana20*72147LC 59 (NR)30.634.7051/8854/56
S 19 (NR)(incl mild dysplasia)(incl mild dysplasia)(incl mild dysplasia)
Cyt 22 (NR)
Venmans27114790LC (NR)
Kusunoki2865216LC 32; postop LC 23;Cyt 40NR34.74.064/88NR
Other 5 (NR)
Shibuya2964212Cyt, haemoptysis (NR)40.619.81.468/9156.8/31.5
Sato1150123Cyt (NR)80.031.7NR85/9436.4/38.2
(incl mild dysplasia)
Venmans3024199LC (NR)25.07.0NR21/57NR
Postop LC (NR)
Hirsch1855391LC (NR)52.718.90.0321.9/68.878.3/69.6
S (NR)
Cyt (NR)
Miyazu315467LC (NR)
Cyt (NR)
Post PDT (NR)
Moro-Sibilot21244354Postop LC/head and neck cancer (NR)4.011.0 (CIS included)5.435.7/85.7WLB, NR WLB+AFB, 55
S (NR)