Table 3

 Clinical details of the children with PAP

Subject noURD codeClinical courseTreatmentNo of therapeutic BALsLength of follow up (years)Clinical symptoms at end of follow up
FTT, failure to thrive; MV, mechanical ventilation; TA, tracheal aspirate; NA, not applicable; DE, dyspnoea on exertion
117-II.2Febrile cough, FTTO218Symptom free
225-II.3Dyspnoea, FTTSequential BAL62Symptom free
319-II.1Cough, dyspnoeaO2, sequential BAL34Symptom free
420-II.2Febrile cough, dyspnoeaO2, sequential BAL,steroid, GM-CSF334O2, sequential BAL
6NACough, dyspnoea, FTTMV3Died age 16 monthsNA
722-II.1Dyspnoea, coughSequential BAL, steroid254Moderate DE
826-II.1Cough, dyspnoea, FTTSequential BAL226Symptom free
923-II.3Dyspnoea, FTTO2, sequential BAL3Died age 20 monthsNA
1013-II.1DESequential BAL22Symptom free
1113-II.2Dyspnoea, FTTO2, sequential BAL82Severe DE
1218-II.2Cough, dyspnoea, FTTO2, sequential BAL165Severe DE
1327-II.3Cough, dyspnoeaO2, sequential BAL63Symptom free
1421-II.1DESequential BAL2017Moderate DE
15NACough, dyspnoeaMV3Died age 5 monthsNA