Table 1

 Characteristics of subject groups

Adult controlsChildren disease controls/comparison groups*Patients with PAP
*A, atopy; B, oncological haematology; C, general paediatric pneumonology; D, tracheostoma; E, cystic fibrosis.
†Age is given in years, except for the neonates with PAP in which age is given in months.
No of subjects (F/M)12 (6/6)38 (12/26)38 (15/23)43 (20/23)25 (9/16)41 (22/19)9 (4/5)15 (7/8)3 (0/3)
Age (years)
    25th–75th percentile38–442.8–8.94.2–11.11.8–6.91.6–4.811.5–22.634.6–451–30.4–0.8
No of serum samples12383828033740
No of BAL samples0003025164153
Pairs of BAL and serum samples0001508240