Table 1

 Summary of lung function studies in IPF

AuthorSubsetNAge (years)FVCTlco(Survival months)Result
Subset refers to whether the authors specified the histological subset studied.
Age and FVC/Tlco are median values; survivals are mean values.
LF, lung function; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC, forced vital capacity; TLC, total lung capacity; Tlco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; UIP, usual interstitial pneumonia; NSIP; non-specific interstitial pneumonia.
Schwartz12No386267%46%NADecreased TLC/Tlco associated with dyspnoea
Schwartz12No746762%44%60Increased FEV1/FVC ratio
Hanson13No585961%42%881 year: 10% drop FVC, 20% drop Tlco: increased mortality
Erbes11No995389%46%41Reduced TLC
Hubbard9No2446978%49%34No LF variable associated with mortality
Gay17Yes3854UIP 69%UIP 50%26No LF variable associated with mortality
Mogulkoc19Yes11555UIP 72%UIP 49%50Tlco 39% predicted: 80% sensitivity/specificity 2 year survival
Wells27Yes19762UIP 68%36%22Mortality associated with reduced Tlco, FVC, TLC
Latsi20Yes10455UIP 72%NSIP 73%UIP 46%NSIP 41%UIP 33 NSIP 56Tlco 35% predicted: early mortality
Collard22Yes8161UIP 67%UIP 52%51Reduced survival: 10% drop in FVC 6 months
Flaherty21Yes8062UIP 67%NSIP 71%UIP 50%NSIP 48%69 (total group)Reduced survival: 10% drop in FVC/6 months