Table 3

 Difference in body composition and peripheral muscle function before and after PUFA or placebo intervention during an 8 week rehabilitation programme

PUFA† (n = 38)Mean (SD)Placebo† (n = 42)Mean (SD)PUFA versus placebo‡Mean (95% CI)p value
FFM, fat-free mass; FM, fat mass.
†Variables were compared within groups by the paired Student’s t test (*p<0.05).
‡The outcome of the variables after 8 weeks of intervention were compared between groups by linear regression with baseline value of the parameter, intervention with PUFA and intervention with drink supplements as predictors (p<0.05).
Weight (kg)2.0 (2.3)*1.6 (2.7)*0.4 (−0.6 to 1.4)0.414
FFM (kg)1.2 (2.2)*1.1 (2.1)*0.1 (−0.8 to 1.1)0.821
FM (kg)0.8 (1.9)*0.5 (1.8)0.2 (−0.5 to 0.9)0.573
Quadriceps strength (Nm)9 (21)*12 (24)*−4 (−15 to 7)0.510