Table 4

 Quantification of HTLV-I proviral DNA in PBMCs and BAL fluid from HTLV-I carriers and HAM/TSP patients

SubjectsPBMCsBAL fluid
HTLV-I copy number per 104 PBMCs and per 104 BAL cells are presented.
HTLV-I, human T lymphotropic virus type I; AHCs, asymptomatic HTLV-I carriers; SHCs, symptomatic HTLV-I carriers with chronic inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract; HAM/TSP, HTLV-I associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis; PBMCs, peripheral blood mononuclear cells; BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage; N, number of subjects; ND, not detected.
*p<0.01 compared with HTLV-I carriers, AHCs and SHCs; **p<0.01 compared with HTLV-I carriers and SHCs.
HTLV-I carriers26199ND–17041412622–1268