Table 3

 Bronchoalveolar lavage findings in HTLV-I carriers and HAM/TSP patients

SubjectsCell count(×105/ml)AM (%)Ly (%)Neu (%)Eo (%)CD4+ cells (%)CD8+ cells (%)CD4/CD8
Data are shown as median (range).
N, number of subjects; AM, alveolar macrophage; Ly, lymphocyte; Neu, neutrophil; Eo, eosinophil; HTLV-I, human T lymphotropic virus type I; AHCs, asymptomatic HTLV-I carriers; SHCs, symptomatic HTLV-I carriers with chronic inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract; HAM/TSP, HTLV-I-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis.
*p<0.05, **p<0.01 compared with control subjects.
†The cell differential in BAL fluid was determined in 30 HTLV-I carriers (15 AHCs and 15 SHCs) and T lymphocyte subsets were determined in 22 HTLV-I carriers (11 AHCs and 11 SHCs).
HTLV-I carriers1.2**87.611.
N = 30 (22)†(0.4–5.8)(42.5–97.4)(2.6–55.3)(0.0–25.0)(0.0–1.2)(37.1–75.6)(13.4–55.2)(0.8–5.6)
    N = 15 (11)†(0.4–2.8)(70.5–96.4)(3.2–28.6)(0.3–1.6)(0.0–0.5)(42.8–75.6)(13.4–39.5)(1.1–5.6)
    N = 15 (11)†(0.5–5.8)(42.5–97.4)(2.6–55.3)(0.0–25.0)(0.0–1.2)(37.1–71.7)(21.1–55.2)(0.8–2.8)
N = 8(1.4–4.0)(27.0–73.4)(21.0–71.9)(0.0–13.4)(0.0–0.5)(33.1–76.2)(20.4–61.0)(0.5–3.7)
N = 9(0.3–1.0)(87.9–95.8)(3.8–10.5)(0.2–1.3)(0.0–0.4)(33.4–59.5)(22.7–45.1)(0.9–2.1)