Table 1

 Clinical characteristics of patients in the fluticasone and placebo groups at baseline

Fluticasone(n = 43, 23F)Placebo(n = 43, 34F)
Data shown are mean (SD).
*No significant difference between fluticasone and placebo groups (p>0.05).
Age (years)57.7 (14.4)59.2 (14.2)
Age at onset of symptoms (years)41.8 (18.8)40.8 (18.5)
Smoking history
Past medical history
    Nil else2625
    Pulmonary TB30
    Ischaemic heart disease24
    Peptic ulcer disease22
Current medications
    Inhaled bronchodilators1119
    Theophylline or oral β2 agonist77
Sputum pathogen
    P aeruginosa 1211
    H influenzae 65
No. of bronchiectatic lung segments3.0 (1.6)2.8 (1.6)