Table 5

 Univariate analysis of early life risk factors for atopic wheeze at 10 years of age (p<0.05)

Atopic wheezeNon-atopic non-wheezeOR95% CIp value
χ2 testing was used with *Fisher’s exact test where indicated by low expected cell counts.
Factors showing statistical significance at univariate analysis (p<0.05) are shown. The strongest statistical significance was found for eczema at 1 year with a smaller but significant influence at 2 and 4 years. Similarly, food allergy had the strongest statistical significance at 1 year with a lesser but significant influence at 2 and 4 years.
Factors showing trends for significance (p<0.2 but >0.05) were maternal rhinitis, sibling asthma, sibling rhinitis, family (parental or sibling) history of urticaria, social class I–III at birth, cat ownership at 1 year, and recurrent chest infections at 1 year.
Factors tested but not showing trends for significance (p>0.2) were maternal eczema, maternal/paternal urticaria, maternal/paternal/parental/ family (parental or sibling) history of food allergy, sibling eczema, sibling urticaria, sibling food allergy, cat ownership at birth, 2 and 4 years, dog ownership at birth, 1, 2, and 4 years, early weaning (within first 3 ?months), exclusive breastfeeding in first 3 months, exclusive formula feeding in first 3 months, low birth weight (<2.5 kg), parental smoking throughout early life, and rhinitis at 1 and 2 years.
Maternal asthma28.6% (32/112)16.1% (100/622)2.091.32 to 3.320.002
Paternal asthma26.8% (30/112)12.4% (77/622)2.591.60 to 4.19<0.001
Paternal eczema12.6% (14/111)6.9% (43/622)1.941.02 to 3.690.039
Paternal rhinitis25.2% (28/111)15.0% (93/622)1.921.19 to 3.110.007
Male sex63.7% (72/113)46.5% (305/656)2.021.34 to 3.050.001
Eczema at 1 year30.5% (32/105)6.1% (38/622)6.733.97 to 11.44<0.001
Food allergy at 1 year10.5% (11/105)4.7% (29/622)2.401.16 to 4.950.016
Recurrent chestinfections at 2 years19.8% (20/101)11.7% (68/581)1.861.07 to 3.230.025
Rhinitis at 4 years19.8% (21/106)3.1% (18/59)7.844.01 to 15.31<0.001
Urticaria at 4 years2.9% (3/102)0.5% (3/586)5.721.14 to 28.710.048