Table 1

 Baseline anthropometric and resting lung function data

Values given are mean (SD) of visits 1 and 2.
FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; IC, inspiratory capacity; MIP, maximal inspiratory capacity; MEP, maximal expiratory capacity; TFL, tidal expiratory flow limitation.
No of patients18
Sex (M:F)12:6
Age (years)61.2 (4.4)
FEV1 (litres)1.08 (0.42)
FEV1 (% predicted)40.28 (15.93)
IC (litres)2.17 (0.64)
IC (% predicted)86.88 (25.27)
MIP (cm H2O)70.18 (16.47)
MEP (cm H2O)105.28 (21.98)
Sao2 (%)95.94 (1.66)
Resting Borg breathlessness score0.84 (0.87)
Resting Borg leg score1.0 (1.12)