Table 4

 Adjusted* attributable fraction (AF)† of four indoor exposure variables and smoking for five respiratory symptoms

Respiratory symptomsMouldsCat in childhoodDog in childhoodSmoking
AF (%)95% CIAF (%)95% CIAF (%)95% CIAF (%)95% CI
*All models were adjusted for age, sex, educational level, smoking habits, pack years, occupational airborne exposure, and all the other exposure variables. For moulds the model was not adjusted for water damage.
†Also referred to as “population attributable risk” (PAR).
Cough with phlegm3.41.0 to 5.97.6−0.7 to 15.12.9−3.2 to 8.621.912.7 to 30.2
Chronic cough3.90.0 to 7.60.3−12.9 to 11.96.6−3.0 to to 31.3
Dyspnoea grade 24.51.3 to 7.51.7−9.5 to 11.77.4−0.3 to 14.51.9−9.8 to 12.3
Attacks of dyspnoea4.10.6 to 7.515.34.2 to to 30.5
Wheezing4.72.0 to 7.23.1−5.2 to 10.80.3−5.9 to to 38.3