Table 3

Estimated haplotype probabilities for six polymorphisms in the interferon-γ receptor-1 (IFNGR1) gene

Estimated haplotype frequencies*
Haplotype numberHaplotypeControls, n (%)Cases, n (%)
Markers are shown in chromosomal order (i.e. IFNGR1-611, IFNGR1-470, IFNGR1-270, IFNGR1-56, IFNGR1+95, and IFNGR1 E7+189).
*Only haplotypes with an estimated probability of >4% are shown.
p value = 0.13 (NS).
1A, insTT, C, T, T, T189 (47.6)188 (46.0)
2A, insTT, C, C, C, T124 (31.1)145 (35.3)
3A, delTT, C, C, C, T50 (12.6)36 (8.7)
Others35 (8.8)41 (10.0)