Table 2

 Net change in asthma symptoms and medication per 10 years of follow up, estimated by generalised estimating equations and combined by random effects meta-analysis across centres

Question(see Appendix 1)No of centresNo of participantsPrevalence (%) in ECRHS I in responders to ECRHS IIChange (95% CI)in prevalence (%)p value for changep value for heterogeneity
95% CI =  95% confidence interval.
*A positive response to either of the questions.
Q1: Wheeze291108620.3−0.9 (−1.9 to 0.2)0.1220.129
Q1.1: Wheeze with breathlessness29109919.90.3 (−0.3 to 0.9)0.3670.491
Q1.2: Wheeze without a cold291102912.20.2 (−0.8 to 1.1)0.7670.029
Q2: Woken with chest tightness23909312.80.0 (−1.3 to 1.3)0.9670.003
Q3: Woken with shortness of breath28107465.80.2 (−0.4 to 0.8)0.4490.424
Q4: Woken by attack of coughing21868627.8−1.2 (−2.7 to 0.3)0.1220.090
Q5: Attack of asthma29110643.40.8 (0.2 to 1.4)0.0110.006
Q6: Current medication29110833.72.1 (1.6 to 2.6)<0.0010.286
Q5 or Q6*: “Diagnosed asthma”29110174.92.2 (1.6 to 2.9)<0.0010.037
Q7: Nasal allergies23895525.03.7 (2.8 to 4.5)<0.0010.522