Table 2

Details of individual written action plans

StudyWhen to increase treatmentHow to increase treatment
% LevelTraffic lightNo of action point levelsPEF or symptom basedICSOCS
NS = not stated; PEF = peak expiratory flow; ICS = inhaled corticosteroids; OCS = oral corticosteroids.
*Based on Beasley et al.47
†Based on Charlton.48
‡Based on BTS.49
§Based on Woolcock.50
¶Based on Beasley “credit card plan”.
**Personal best PEF.
††Predicted PEF.
Cote et al885**Yes4PEF/symptomBDP 2000 μgYes
Cowie et al9*70**No4PEF/symptomDoubleYes
Gallefoss et al10–1480**Yes4PEFDouble/tripleYes
Ghosh et al15*70**No4PEFDoubleYes
Hayward et al1770**NS2PEFNSYes
Heard et al1870††Yes4NS†DoubleYes
Jones et al20*75**No4PEFDoubleYes
Lahdensuo et al2185**No2PEFDoubleYes
Levy et al2280††Yes3PEF/symptomDoubleYes
Moudgil et al2380††No4PEF/symptomDoubleYes
Perneger et al2480††NS4PEF/symptomDoubleYes
Schermer et al2580**NS3PEFDouble or commenceYes
Sommaragua et al2680††No3PEFNoYes
Yoon et al27§80††No3PEF/symptomDoubleYes
Zeiger et al28NSNSNSPEFNSYes