Table 1

Odds ratios, coefficients and 95% confidence intervals from cross sectional time series analyses of asthma, wheeze, asthma treatment, time off school/work due to asthma, bronchial responsiveness, atopy, FEV1/FVC ratio, and log serum IgE on childhood socioeconomic status (SES; 1 = professional, 6 = manual labourer)

Adjusted for sex onlyFully adjusted
nOR95% CInOR95% CI
Current asthma61041.070.94 to 1.2149391.070.92 to 1.25
Wheeze60961.040.96 to 1.1349371.050.96 to 1.16
Asthma treatment60991.050.92 to 1.1949361.050.90 to 1.22
Time off school/work52781.080.93 to 1.2642201.110.94 to 1.30
Bronchial response*56561.070.94 to 1.2146321.030.88 to 1.20
Atopy15930.90**0.80 to 1.0012990.890.78 to 1.02
nCoefficient95% CInCoefficient95% CI
n = number of observations in each analysis (several observations made for each subject at different ages); OR = odds ratio (change in odds of the outcome for each point change in the SES scale); coefficient = change in prevalence of outcome for each point change in the SES scale; FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC = forced vital capacity.
*Bronchial responsiveness means a response to methacholine or salbutamol as defined in the text. Fully adjusted figures are adjusted for sex, breast feeding, parental asthma, parental smoking, birth order, and smoking during pregnancy.
FEV1/FVC ratio5860−0.13−0.46 to 0.204792−0.03−0.42 to 0.37
Log IgE13500.03−0.06 to 0.1210950.01−0.10 to 0.11