Table 4

Logistic regression analysis results

OutcomeSignificanceOdds ratio*Lower 95% CI*Upper 95% CI*
Significant variables are shown after controlling for confounding variables such as stroke subtype, Glasgow Coma Score (GCS), limb weakness, whether or not this was the first stroke, age, body mass index, neck circumference, hypertension, and diabetes.
*OR for every 1 unit increase in variable (that is, estimated risk of death increases by 1.07 for every 1 unit increase in RDI or decreases by 0.92 for every 1 unit increase in SSS).
    RDI-total study0.0011.071.031.12
    RDI-total study0.0091.061.011.11
Nursing home
    Limb weakness0.041.021.0011.03