Table 3

Results of 6 month follow up

All patientsRDI <10RDI >10p value†
*Median (interquartile range, IQR).
†Significance tested by χ2 tests except those marked with an asterisk which are tested by Mann-Whitney U tests.
RDI = respiratory disturbance index; SSS = Scandinavian Stroke Scale.
Length of stay in hospital in survivors (days)*25 (10–64)24(10–39)43 (15–71)<0.03
Stroke severity (SSS)30 (16–42)30 (16–43)30 (18–41)NS
Barthel index*1.5 (0–13.5)1.5 (0–14.25)2 (0–11.75)NS
Mortality (% dead)36.72545.2<0.03
Dependency (% “independent”)16.718.116.3NS
Place of residence
    Nursing home (%)15.814.916.4NS
    Own home (%)29.232.923.4NS