Table 2

Basic sleep study data

All patients
All values are expressed as median (IQR) except †mean (SD).
*Significant difference from RDI-total study assessed by Mann-Whitney tests.
RDI-total study = respiratory disturbance index per hour of study; RDI-lights out = respiratory disturbance index during the night only; RDI-worst hour = respiratory disturbance index during the hour when UAO was at its most severe; DI = desaturation index per hour of study.
RDI-total study (events/h)14.5 (7–25.3)
RDI-lights out (events/h)29.7 (13.5–40)*
RDI-worst hour (events/h)42.5 (21.3–55.8)*
4% DI (desaturations per hour)33 (10–70)
Time saturation <90% (min)13.5 (4–55)
Baseline oxygen saturation (%)94.3 (2.2)†
Snores per hour33 (8.2–54)