Table 3

Incidental findings found in 276 abnormal CT scans

Incidental findingsNo (%)
The values are the numbers of individual abnormalities and the percentage represents the proportion of the total study population with an individual abnormal finding. Non-significant findings such as calcified nodes and parenchymal scars are not included.
Emphysema130 (29.0)
    Mild68 (15.1)
    Moderate41 (9.1)
    Severe21 (4.7)
Bronchiectasis44 (9.8)
Coronary artery calcification64 (14.3)
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis6 (1.3)
Focal inflammation11 (2.5)
Pleural plaques4 (0.9)
Goitre/thyroid nodule9 (2.0)
Thoracic aneurysm1 (0.2)
Abdominal findings46 (10.2)
    Benign hepatobiliary/renal disease41 (9.1)
    Benign oesophageal thickening3 (0.7)
    Fundal mass1 (0.2)
    Active endometriosis1 (0.2)