Table 2

Antibiotic treatment administered to each patient for 14 days beginning at day 0 and microorganisms cultured in sputum samples at day 0 and day 14

Patient noTreatmentMicroorganisms
Day 0Day 14
1Cefotaxime/gentamicin H influenzae Insignificant commensals
2Augmentin P aeruginosa P aeruginosa
3Tazocin/tobramycin H parainfluenzae Insignificant commensals
4Tazocin/gentamicin P aeruginosa P aeruginosa
5Tazocin/tobramycin P aeruginosa No growth
6Ceftazidime H influenzae Insignificant commensals
7Ceftazidime/flucloxacillinNo growthNo growth
8Ceftazidime/aztereonamNo growth P aeruginosa
9CeftazidimeNo growthNo growth
10CefotaximeInsignificant commensals H influenzae
11Meropenem/gentamicin/nebulised colistin P aeruginosa No growth
12Ceftazidime P aeruginosa No growth
13CeftazidimeNo growthNo growth
14Cefotaxime H influenzae Insignificant commensals
15Ceftazidime/gentamicin P aeruginosa Insufficient sample