Table 3

 Distribution of parameters into different factors after exclusion of outliers

With outliersNo outliers*
EBC, exhaled breath condensate; LTB4, leukotriene B4; MDC, macrophage derived chemokine; TARC, thymus and activation regulated chemokine; FEno, exhaled nitric oxide.
*Five factors were obtained after the exclusion of all outliers, with the respective eigenvalues being 1.92, 1.75, 1.55, 1.30, and 1.23 and the percentage of total variances explained being 16.0%, 14.6%, 12.9%, 10.9%, and 10.2%.
Plasma total IgE concentrationFactor 1Factor 1
Specific IgE to D pteronyssinusFactor 1Factor 1
Peripheral blood eosinophil percentageFactor 1Factor 1
FenoFactor 1Factor 1
Plasma TARC concentrationFactor 2Factor 2
Plasma MDC concentrationFactor 2Factor 2
EBC LTB4 concentrationFactor 3Factor 3
EBC MDC concentrationFactor 3Factor 3
EBC eotaxin concentrationFactor 3Factor 3
Disease severity scoreFactor 4Factor 4
Body mass indexFactor 4Factor 5
Plasma eotaxin concentrationFactor 4Factor 2
Total variance explained55.5%64.6%