Table 7

Most parsimonious multivariate models for two measures of bone mineral density (lumbar spine and principal component) in children/adolescents and adults with CF

OverallVariable*Parameter estimates(95% CI)
BMI = body mass index; FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in 1 second.
*After adjusting for age and sex.
†Defined as 5–18 years for females and 5–20 years for males.
‡Defined as >18 years for females and >20 years for males.
    Lumbar spine850.78Body cell mass0.02(0.01 to 0.02)
No of days in hospital−0.002(−0.004 to −0.001)
BMI0.01(0.00 to 0.02)
No of hospital admissions0.02(0.00 to 0.04)
    Principal component740.85BMI0.13(0.05 to 0.21)
Body cell mass0.15(0.08 to 0.22)
FEV10.01(0.00 to 0.02)
    Lumbar spine320.28Activity questionnaire score0.09(0.03 to 0.14)
    Principal component320.62Body cell mass0.14(0.06 to 0.22)
No of days in hospital0.01(0.00 to 0.02)