Table 3

 TIMP-3 promoter variants −915A>G and −1296T>C and risk of pigeon breeders’ disease (PBD)

Double homozygote for rare alleleHeterozygote for both variantsCarriage of at least one rare allele from either variant
OR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp value
H = healthy subjects; IPF = idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; PBD = pigeon breeders’ disease.
OR values are adjusted for age.
IPF0.490.10 to 2.390.380.540.21 to 1.390.200.570.24 to 1.360.21
PBD0.350.13 to 0.910.0310.470.28 to 0.7590.0040.480.30 to 0.760.002