Table 1

Demographic and functional characteristics of patients with chronic heart failure

Patient noSexAge (years)LVEF (%)LVEDD (cm)NYHAAetiologyMedications
LVEF = left ventricular ejection fraction; LVEDD = left ventricular end diastolic dimension; NYHA = New York Heart Association functional class; DCM = dilated cardiomyopathy; CAD = coronary artery disease; Asp = aspirin; Diu = diuretic; Nit = nitrate; Ca-a = calcium antagonist; ACEi = angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor; BB = beta blocker; Dig = digoxin; War = warfarin; A-A = antiarrhythmic.
1F71207.8IIIDCMAsp, Diu, Nit, Ca-a, ACEi, BB
2M69206.2IIDCMAsp, Diu, Dig, ACEi,
3M73206.9IIDCMWar, Dig, Diu, ACEi
4M53257.1IICADAsp, Diu (2), Nit, A-A, ACEi,
5M51256.7IICADAsp, Diu, A-A, ACEi, BB
6M35158.0IIDCMWar, Diu (2), Dig, ACEi
7M56257.4IIICADWar, Diu (2), ACEi, BB
8M78257.4IIICADDiu (2), Nit, ACEi, BB
9M73306.4IIICADWar, Diu, Dig, Ca-a, ACEi
10M67207.1IIIDCMAsp, ACEi