Table 3

Characteristics of patients with and without bacterial persistence at day 10 and in the stable state

Day 10Stable state
Bacteria eradicated
Bacteria still present
Bacteria eradicated
Bacteria present
FEV1=forced expiratory volume in 1 second. Patients with bacteria still present at day 10 were more likely to be on an inhaled steroid (**p=0.001, Fisher’s exact test) and those with bacteria still present in the stable state were less likely to be current smokers (*p<0.05, Fisher’s exact test). There were no other differences between the groups.
FEV168.6 (6.2)70.9 (5.5)71.6 (3.9)69.7 (7.6)
Age67.6 (1.8)65.5 (2.2)65.9 (1.8)(66.5 (1.9)
Inhaled steroids915**1312
Current smoking125153*