Table 2

Clinical characteristics of patients with asthma subjected to allergen challenge (n = 10)

Patient noAge (years)SexAllergen†Allergen PC20 (SQ)Prick test‡ (mm)Specific IgE (class)Total IgE (IU/ml)FEV1 before challenge (% predicted)EAR fall in FEV1 (%)§LAR fall in FEV1 (%)§
EAR = early asthmatic response; LAR = late asthmatic response; FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in 1 second;
*Patients who developed a late asthmatic reaction.
†Allergen used for the challenge: DP = D pteronyssinus; GP = grass pollens.
‡Wheal/erythema diameter.
§Fall in FEV1 calculated to the mean post-diluent (baseline) FEV1.
117MGP100 0005/22315299.746.5
239MGP10 0009/354111092.027.9
317MDP100 0006/27414899.231.1
422FGP10 0006/22391.898.525.3
522FDP100 0007/2849994.520.8
6*29FGP100 0008/25330.8105.750.420.2
8*23FGP100 0007/32355.1102.633.116.0
9*16MDP100 0008/134206109.930.124.5
10*27FDP100 0004/266105093.322.716.5