Table 6

 Relationship between mean forced vital capacity (FVC) of 1083 Gulf War veterans and SMOIL and dust storm exposure and completion of deployment before the air war

MeanSDAdjusted difference between means†95% CI
*Dose response is the expected change in FVC per category increase in SMOIL exposure.
†Difference between means adjusted for age, height, weight, atopic status, smoking, service type, rank, education, and marital status.
    Any5.100.79–0.10–0.18 to −0.03
        Low5.110.81–0.08–0.16 to 0.004
        High5.030.66–0.14–0.28 to 0.003
    Dose response*–0.08–0.14 to −0.02
Dust storms
    Yes5.100.80–0.05–0.12 to 0.02
Deployment completed before air war
    No5.140.78–0.05–0.14 to 0.04