Table 3

‚ÄÉMultivariate analysis: association between CRP levels and bronchial hyperresponsiveness by logistic regression

CovariatesBronchial hyperresponsiveness
OR95% CIp value
CRP, C-reactive protein; OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; BMI, body mass index.
CRP (high tertile v lower tertiles)2.27(1.20 to 4.28)0.01
Age (per 10 year increase)1.17(0.77 to 1.76)0.50
Women3.60(1.93 to 6.72)<0.001
BMI (per 4 kg/m2 increase)0.95(0.67 to 1.35)0.80
Current+ex-smokers1.16(0.66 to 2.08)0.60
Age at leaving education(per 4 year increase)0.97(0.70 to 1.34)0.80
Hypercholesterolaemia0.74(0.37 to 1.47)0.40
Hypertension1.66(0.75 to 3.64)0.20