Table 1

 Univariate analysis of predictors of abnormal CT scores

Normal CT score(n = 14)Abnormal CT score(n = 43)p value
FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC, forced vital capacity; Tlco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; TLC, total lung capacity; CXR, chest radiograph; ICU, intensive care unit.
Mean (SD) age (years)34.6 (7.6)39.3 (11.4)0.163
Sex (% female)42.9%67.4%0.101
Current smoker (%)14.3%2.33%0.146
Neutrophil count on admission (109/l)4.05 (1.83)4.21 (1.96)0.793
Lymphocyte count on admission (109/l)0.91 (0.28)0.74 (3.12)0.089
Lactate dehydrogenase on admission (IU/l)517.4 (180.9)539.5 (332.2)0.814
Abnormal FEV1 (<80% predicted normal)14.3%16.3%0.859
Abnormal FEF25–75% (<80% predicted normal)21.4%44.1%0.129
Abnormal FVC (<80% predicted normal)7.14%6.98%0.983
Abnormal Tlco (<80% predicted normal)71.4%62.8%0.556
Abnormal TLC (<80% predicted normal)28.6%30.2%0.906
Median (IQR) CXR peak score5.5 (3.75–11.25)12 (7.0–18.0)0.022
Pulse steroid use (yes)57.1%93.0%0.004
History of ICU admission (yes)21.4%32.6%0.429
History of intubation (yes)14.3%23.3%0.475