Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

CharacteristicsAvailable cases (n)Prevalences and means in available casesPrevalences and means in imputed dataset (n=2978)
*Educational level: low=primary, lower vocational and lower general; intermediate=senior high school and intermediate vocational; high=higher vocational and university.
Sex (% boys)297851.751.7
Mean (SD) birth weight (g)29343517 (536)3517 (535)
First child (%)296648.849.1
Breast fed ever (%)293681.981.9
Breast fed for at least 8 weeks (%)291161.261.0
Smoking in the home (%)297428.728.7
Mother allergic (%)297814.214.3
Father allergic (%)297729.129.0
Mean (SD) mother’s age (years)293330.4 (3.8)30.4 (3.8)
Mother’s educational level*:2859
    Low (%)23.223.4
    Intermediate (%)42.242.3
    High (%)34.634.3
Ever asthma (%)29026.36.6
Recent asthma (%)28984.64.9
Recent wheeze (%)289414.614.8