Table 3

Investigation results and outcome parameters in all subjects and those with therapy resistant asthma (TRA) and non-TRA after evaluation

All patients (n=73)TRA (n=34)Non-TRA (n=39)p value
*ICD10 psychiatric diagnoses were assigned after psychiatric interview and included depression, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, specific phobia, anorexia nervosa, paranoid delusional disorder, bipolar affective disorder, acute stress reaction, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
†Structural abnormalities on ENT examination were septal deviation, hypertrophy of middle/inferior turbinates, and nasal polyps.
‡Oesophageal reflux was defined as distal oesophageal pH <4 for >4.7% of total time.9
§Osteoporosis was defined as T score <– 2.5 and osteopenia as –1<T score<– 2.5 on DEXA scan.
¶Lowest dose of inhaled steroid represents the lowest dose of inhaled steroid during the follow up period.
Data are presented as mean (SE) or absolute values.
Additional diagnosis25718p<0.05
ICD10 psychiatric diagnosis*32/65 (49%)16/33 (48%)16/32 (50%)NS
Unrecognised psychiatric illness*27 (41%)15 (45%)12 (38%)NS
ENT examination†
Oesophageal reflux‡31/5417/2914/25NS
Bone density§
Lowest dose inhaled steroid (μg BDP equivalent)¶1388 (74)1894 (31)946 (88)p<0.001
Maintenance steroid after evaluation17170p<0.001
Best pre-bronchodilator FEV1%89 (3)83 (4)95 (4)p<0.05
Time to best FEV1 (months)6.15 (0.7)6.3 (0.9)6.0 (1.0)NS
Asthma QoL score at follow up4.0 (0.19)3.6 (0.25)4.4 (0.27)p<0.05
Mean difference from baseline (95% confidence interval)0.31 (–0.03 to 0.66)1.05 (0.59 to 1.52)