Table 1

Demographic data of CPAP treated patients and controls

CPAP treated groupControlsp value
CPAP = continuous positive airway pressure; BMI = body mass index; RDI = respiratory disturbance index.
Data are expressed as mean (SD) except *which are expressed as median (IQR) and †expressed as percentage.
Significance tested by t tests except ‡where significance was tested by the Mann-Whitney test and §by χ2 test.
Age (years)49.9 (10)51.7 (12.2)0.429 (NS)
Sex (% male)†94%94%1.0 (NS)§
BMI (kg/m2)39 (7.7)36.6 (5.3)0.285 (NS)
Neck circumference (cm)47.3 (3.9)45 (5.3)0.147 (NS)
RDI (events/h)59.8 (16.9)58.3 (15.7)0.791 (NS)
RDI on CPAP (events/h)11.1 (10)N/AN/A
Epworth score*15.5 (12.75–19)16 (14.75–19.25)0.662 (NS)‡