Table 4

Concomitant treatment according to treatment group

Dexamethasone (n=37)Placebo (n=46)p value
*Amoxicillin (with or without clavulanic acid) or a macrolide were the most frequently prescribed antibiotics: 92% v 75% in the dexamethasone and placebo groups respectively, p=0.36.
Antibiotic treatment*
    Started before or on admission24320.8
    Started >1 day after admission10121.0
Bronchodilator therapy during admission19270.65
Mean (SE) duration of bronchodilator treatment (days)5.3 (0.6)5.3 (0.7)0.98
Additional corticosteroid therapy21
Paralysing agents during admission9150.47
Mean (SE) duration of paralysing agents (days)3.8 (0.7)4.5 (0.8)0.54