Table 2

Mean (SE) duration of mechanical ventilation, length of stay (LOS) in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and hospital, and duration of supplemental oxygen in the two treatment groups

Dexamethasone (n=37)Placebo (n=45)95% CI for differencep value
Duration of mechanical ventilation (days)6.9 (0.7)8.5 (0.9)−3.8 to 0.80.19
LOS in PICU (days)9.1 (0.9)9.9 (0.9)−3.4 to 1.80.53
LOS in hospital (days)15.9 (1.5)14.9 (1.2)−2.8 to 4.70.52
Duration of supplemental oxygen (days)10.0 (1.2)10.9 (1.0)−3.9 to 2.10.55