Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients (n=12) with alveolar proteinosis evaluable

CharacteristicMedian (range)
Po2=arterial oxygen tension; [A–a]Do2=alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient; Tlco=carbon monoxide transfer factor; SP=surfactant protein; GM-CSF=granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor.
*Normal range for serum level of SP-A is <0.25 μg/ml.
†Normal range for serum level of SP-B is <2.6 μg/ml.
Age (years)31.5 (14–45)
No (%) life long non-smoking patients6 (50%)
Months from diagnosis28 (1–96)
No (%) with prior therapeutic whole lung lavage9 (75%)
No of prior therapeutic lavages8 (2–16)
Months since last therapeutic lavage6 (1.5–19)
Arterial Po2 (mm Hg)63.5 (51.1–83.5)
[A–a]Do2 (mm Hg)45.5 (18.2–52.2)
Vital capacity (% predicted)65 (33–104)
Tlco (% predicted )45 (19–78)
No (%) with raised serum LDH10 (83%)
Serum SP-A (μg/ml)*1.53 (0.57–6.02)
Serum SP-B (μg/ml)†18.7 (8.5–48.9)
Anti-GM-CSF antibody (μg/ml)244.7 (50.7–617.9)