Table 3

 Predictors of ICS use in the month following discharge from the ED

Crude ORAdjusted OR95% CI
*All adjusted odds ratios were obtained from a unique GEE model, implying that each variable is adjusted for all other variables in the table.
Sociodemographic variables
Age at ED visit (13–17/5–12 years)0.490.500.44 to 0.57
Sex (male/female) to 1.15
Social assistance (yes/no)0.930.960.86 to 1.08
Living on Montreal Island (yes/no)0.960.790.69 to 0.91
Co-morbidity (yes/no) to 1.27
Severity of the exacerbation
Consultation with paediatrician or respiratory physician (yes/no) to 1.22
Prescription of oral corticosteroids (yes/no)2.742.312.05 to 2.60
Use of ICS 6 months before ED visit (yes/no)3.482.352.06 to 2.69
Markers of asthma severity and control during 6 months before ED visit
Oral corticosteroids (yes/no)2.351.451.22 to 1.72
Short acting β2 agonists (>10/⩽10 doses per week)2.401.571.34 to 1.83
Long acting β2 agonists (yes/no) to 2.15
Hospital admission for asthma (yes/no)1.950.880.66 to 1.18
ED visit for asthma (yes/no)1.350.860.74 to 1.00
Medical visit to a paediatrician or a respiratory physician (yes/no)2.711.671.44 to 1.93