Table 2

Adjusted relative increase in eNO levels in children with symptoms compared with children without symptoms; in children with and without bronchial hyperresponsiveness; and per unit increase in eosinophils and lung function

VariableRelative increase95% confidence interval
Adjusted for age, sex, gas cooking, unvented water heater, environmental tobacco smoke exposure, and having a cold during the eNO sampling; lung function analyses were adjusted also for height and weight.
Wheeze in last 12 months1.261.07 to 1.48
Woken up with wheeze in last 12 months1.331.10 to 1.62
Itchy rash in last 12 months1.080.95 to 1.22
Asthma ever1.291.09 to 1.52
Hay fever ever1.461.22 to 1.74
Eczema ever1.181.06 to 1.32
Bronchitis in last 12 months1.251.05 to 1.48
Dry cough in last 12 months0.990.88 to 1.11
Nasal discharge and conjunctivitis in last 12 months1.551.33 to 1.80
Having a cold during exhaled breath collection1.301.14 to 1.47
Bronchial hyperrresponsiveness1.301.13 to 1.49
Eosinophils (per 1000)1.891.51 to 2.38
Increase in eNO/l change in FEV10.950.77 to 1.17
Increase in eNO/l change in FVC1.040.85 to 1.26
Increase in eNO/l/s change in PEF1.020.96 to 1.09
Increase in eNO/l/s change in MMEF1.000.91 to 1.10