Table 4

Adjusted odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) of children’s respiratory health associated with frequency of vegetable intake

Vegetable intake in summerVegetable intake in winter
Model 1Model 3Model 1Model 3
Outcome variables of respiratory healthRisk factor variables categoriesOR*95% CIp valueOR†95% CIp valueOR*95% CIp valueOR†95% CIp value
*OR adjusted for area, age and sex. †OR adjusted for all tested nutritional factors included simultaneously in the model and for area, age, sex, pets, indoor moisture, use of gas oven for heating, additional unvented gas heating, passive smoking, mother’s education, father’s occupation, parent’s allergy, respondent and overcrowding. p=p for trend.
Winter cough>4/week1(ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)
2–4/week1.151.06 to to 1.180.900.81 to 1.010.860.75 to 0.97
<2/week1.491.30 to 1.72<0.0011.231.03 to 1.470.021.040.93 to to 0.940.01
Persistent cough>4/week1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)
2–4/week1.000.90 to 1.100.980.87 to 1.100.850.75 to 0.970.800.69 to 0.93
<2/week1.231.04 to 1.460.101.100.88 to 1.360.700.910.80 to 1.040.480.790.67 to 0.940.03
Wheeze ever>4/week1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)
2–4/week1.020.95 to 1.110.970.88 to to to 1.13
<2/week1.171.02 to 1.330.051.070.90 to 1.260.871.090.98 to to 1.180.58
Current wheeze>4/week1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)
2–4/week0.930.83 to 1.040.900.79 to 1.030.830.71 to 0.960.870.73 to 1.04
<2/week1.080.89 to 1.310.871.050.82 to 1.340.600.870.74 to to 1.030.16