Table 3

Correlations between quadriceps peak torque, pulmonary function, and systemic levels of inflammatory and anabolic markers

Hospitalised COPD patients, day 3Clinically stable COPD patientsHealthy elderly subjects
*p=0.05; †p=0.03; ‡p=0.06; §p=0.02; ¶p=0.001.
FEV1=forced expiratory volume in 1 second; Tlco=carbon monoxide transfer factor; IL-6=interleukin 6; CXCL8=interleukin 8; IGF-I=insulin-like growth factor I.
Age (years)−0.34*−0.84¶−0.61‡
FEV1 (l)0.36†0.78¶0.22
Tlco (mmol/kPa/min)0.64¶0.80¶
Log IL-6−0.38†0.04−0.16
Log CXCL8−0.53¶−0.57*−0.08
Log IGF-I0.41§0.60†0.64*