Table 1

Mortality rates in the three types of hospital with analysis of resource factors associated with outcome

11 Teaching hospitals (461 cases)9 Large DGH (357 cases)10 Small DGH (456 cases)
*Corrected for performance status, arterial blood pH, and blood urea.
WTE=whole time equivalents.
In-hospital death4.8% (n=22)9.0% (n=32)12.3% (n=56)
    Corrected OR* (95% CI)2.91 (1.55 to 5.49)3.22 (1.81 to 5.73)
Death at 90 days11.9% (n=55)11.2% (n=40)17.5% (n=80)
    Corrected OR* (95% CI)1.11 (0.69 to 1.78)1.56 (1.04 to 2.35)
Consultant staff (respiratory and non-respiratory) per 10 patients
    ⩽3.9WTE1 hospital4 hospitals8 hospitals
    >3.9WTE8 hospitals4 hospitals0 hospitals
% of acute COPD patients seen by respiratory specialist
    ⩽45%5 hospitals1 hospital4 hospitals
    >45%3 hospitals6 hospitals1 hospital
Non-invasive BiPaP or NiPPV available
    Yes10 hospitals6 hospitals6 hospitals
    No1 hospital2 hospitals3 hospitals