Table 2

Number of subjects and treatment allocation by study

StudyNDrugDuration of treatment
Burge et al7375376Fluticasone, 500 μg bid36 months
Lung Health Study Research Group5557559Triamcinolone, 600 μg bid40 months
Pauwels et al10643634Budesonide, 400 μg bid36 months
van Grunsven et al198895Beclomethasone, 800 μg or 1500 μg qd, or budesonide, 800 μg bid24–30 months
Vestbo et al12145145Budesonide, 800 μg qam/400 μg qpm × 6 months, then 400 μg bid36 months
Weir et al94949Beclomethasone, 750 μg (if weight <50 kg) or 1000 μg bid (if weight ⩾50 kg)24 months