Table 3

ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, and mortality in epidsodes of HIV related Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) studied between 1985 and 1997

HIV related PCP episodes studied (n)Country of studyPeriod of study% of patients admitted to ICU% of patients requiring mechanical ventilationMortality (%) of patients mechanically ventilatedReference
*Data not available.
**Episodes were stratified into patients receiving care in an ICU with (first figure) or without (second figure) a prior AIDS defining illness. Data relating to mechanical ventilation status not available for this study.
***This study was limited to ICU admissions.
348USA1985–896.35.760 31
2174USA1987–9018*62–46** 32
110France1989–94100***3179 33
257USA1990–958.24.750 31
1660USA1995–9714962 34