Table 2

Log transformed serum leptin values stratified according to severity of lung impairment

Severity of FEV1 impairment
Quintile 1 (n=561)Quintile 2 (n=562)Quintile 3 (n=561)Quintile 4
Quintile 5 (n=562)p for trend
Partial regression coefficients were derived from linear regression models. Each cell represents the mean (SE) expected increase in serum leptin values (on a logarithmic scale, fg/l) for each quintile group relative to the reference category (quintile 5).
†Adjusted for age, sex, smoking status, race, body mass index, and lung function (see methods).
BMI=body mass index.
Log transformed leptin values (fg/l)1.69 (0.78)1.67 (0.81)1.68 (0.78)1.65 (0.80)1.60 (0.79)0.059
Unadjusted partial regression coefficient0.093 (0.047)0.069 (0.047)0.085 (0.047)0.0565 (0.047)0.0 (reference)0.059
Partial regression coefficient adjusted for sex0.182 (0.034)0.119 (0.034)0.099 (0.034)0.050 (0.034)0.0 (reference)0.001
Partial regression coefficient adjusted for sex and BMI0.250 (0.029)0.174 (0.029)0.141 (0.029)0.056 (0.029)0.0 (reference)0.001
Fully adjusted partial regression coefficient†0.236 (0.029)0.190 (0.029)0.160 (0.029)0.077 (0.029)0.0 (reference)0.001