Table 3

Changes from baseline to 12 months in other subscales of Childhood Asthma Questionnaire in homeopathy (Hom) and placebo (Plac) groups

Age groupSubscalePossible scores (min–max)GroupMean baseline scoreMean change in scoreUnadjusted estimate of treatment effect
*These data are unreliable as there were a large number of missing values in the questionnaires.
†Reduction in scores indicates improvement except for quality of living in which increase in score indicates improvement.
A: 4–7 yearsDistress*4–15Hom (n=8) Plac (n=7)11.69 10.14–1.63 –0.64–0.99
Severity (assessed by parents)5–19Hom (n=8) Plac (n=7)9.00 7.29–3.50 –1.14–2.36
B: 8–11 yearsDistress6–30Hom (n=20) Plac (n=19)23.95 25.00–0.57 –0.06–0.51
Passive quality of living†4–20Hom (n=20) Plac (n=19)16.95 17.370.85 –0.371.22
Severity (by child)6–23Hom (n=20) Plac (n=19)11.85 10.95–2.60 –1.21–1.39
Severity (assessed by parents)5–19Hom (n=20) Plac (n=19)7.35 7.32–1.30 –0.68–0.62
C: 12–16 yearsDistress12–60Hom (n=15) Plac (n=20)26.03 26.45–1.50 1.69–3.19
Teenage quality of living†5–23Hom (n=15) Plac (n=20)16.87 17.900.87 –0.501.37
Severity9–34Hom (n=15) Plac (n=20)19.07 18.25–3.27 –1.70–1.57
Reactivity5–24Hom (n=15) Plac (n=20)11.40 10.801.13 1.40–0.27